Help sex workers and their families survive the lockdown

With all work at a halt due to the rampant spread of COVID-19, female sex workers in Bhiwandi and their families, including young kids, are struggling to survive each day and they need our help, NOW…

You can help make life easier for these women right now

Numerous sex workers, many of whom are illegal immigrants brought to Mumbai without consent, along with their children, are trapped in the city. With no way to return home, and no source of income or access to government resources for food and health care, they are struggling to survive everyday. Adding to the looming fear of exposure to the virus, these daily wage earners really need our help to be able to feed their family, and find an alternate source of income now and post the lockdown.

About us

Shree Sai Seva Sanstha is a non-profit NGO that was founded by Dr. Swathi Khan in the year 2016, with the mission to create a safe and positive daycare centre space for the children of sex workers in Bhiwandi, focusing on the child’s health, upbringing, education and future career. We even have programs to help the mothers, from tailoring and diya-making classes, to helping them get their Aadhaar cards made and ensuring they get regular health checkups.

Through these essential and empowering initiatives, Dr. Swathi’s Shree Sai Seva Sanstha has become a beacon of hope for these women and their families, a space for them to grow and work towards a better life.

How you can help

We are looking for donations to be able to send out 273 kits of supplies and kerosene (required for cooking) to the female sex workers in Bhiwandi, enough to last them for at least two weeks at a go.
Each kit contains:

Cost per kit: Rs. 738
Cost of kerosene: Rs. 80/per litre

We need all the help we can get!

Be a part of our efforts to help them survive the lockdown.